Tradestar247 Launches Advance Sports Trading Platform, For better growth!

2 min readJan 2, 2023

Tiger Age Limited, the world’s best fan engagement company, has launched an Advance sports trading platform for the worldwide community.

Tradestar247 is a first-of-its-kind sports trading platform where traders can place smarter sports trades efficiently and confidently by leveraging historic performance stats, analyzing relevant trends and insights, tracking line movement, comparing odds across the major sportsbooks, and seamlessly executing their picks on different real-time games in just one click.

The Co-Founder and CEO stated, “We started Tradestar247 with the intention of helping sports fans engage more deeply with the teams and the sports they love. What’s clear to us now is that there’s an even larger opportunity to support sports fans in the sports trading space.”

On Tradestar247, traders can originate pick ideas by browsing through game lines(Moneyline, spread, over/under), player propositions (points, rebounds, touchdowns), and timely insights like how LeBron James has performed on the road, after a loss, versus a top-3 rebounding defense.

“Tradestar247 solves real problems for real sports traders,” commented Co-Founder and CTO. “One thing we learned from months of traders interviews and thousands of collected data points is that sports traders want to make more data-driven decisions but are finding it either too difficult or too inefficient to make sense of aggregated and contextless sports data.”

On Tradestar247, historic performance data, injury reports, insights, sportsbook odds, and more are presented right alongside available trades. This novel coupling of context-rich data with available trades allows users to make smarter picks without much of the usual “research friction.”

“I’m proud of our entire team for releasing such a powerful product in such a short amount of time,” stated the Head of Engineering, Mr. Matt J Thomas. “I’m confident we’re launching with a product many sports traders will find immediately valuable.”

Tradestar247 also plans to launch a web application and offer its users a native application in the coming months.

To learn more about Tradestar247, visit Tradestar247. Trade or follow Tradestar247 on social media




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